The Legend of Zip Wax - Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner - The Best Since WW II!

The Legend of Zip Wax

The Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner recipe dates back to World War II. Legend has it that this anti fog cleaner was extremely important to our young men who wore glasses and used other optics like scopes and binoculars to see.  These brave American soldiers found that Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner glass wax not only kept their vision crystal clear, but it also prevented visual impairment from fog, rain, and dirt during battle. The amazing benefits from this legendary anti fog glass wax was so prominent that the recipe was shared from platoon to platoon for many years. Several stories have been shared that reveal the amazing benefits and confidence Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner gave soldiers going into battle. These men understood the benefits this glass cleaner provided for their optics and it was recognized as a clear advantage to all who used it.

Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner anti fog spray and glass wax is now used on today’s front line in the fight against the Covid 19 Virus.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is widely used by our brave first responders including fire fighters, doctors, nurses, chemists, and others wearing face shields and masks.  It is also commonly used by America’s hard working welders, construction workers. law enforcement, teachers, and athletes.

We are proud to say that Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is all natural, made with the finest ingredients and purist water available. This recipe provides the same clarity and anti-fog protection that the soldiers defending our great country benefited from. As a tribute to the wonderful, brave Americans who defended and support our country, we offer Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner in colors red, white, and blue. It is with gratitude and undying love for our country that we make and offer the best anti fog spray and glass wax available. From the Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner family to your family, God Bless America.


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The Legend of Zip Wax