Testimonials - Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner - The Best Since WW II!

Zip Wax is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner!

Zip Wax does not get rid of scratches but it fills them in, so when you have your glasses on you are not going to see the fine scratches.

Read a Few Reviews from our Happy Customers!

“Zip Wax is amazing. Two years ago I ran to the top of a hillside and had a shot at what would have been my first Elk. When I raised the gun to look through the scope it fogged up and I missed my target. This year I purchased Zip Wax at the local gun show and used it on my scopes. I am excited to say my scope did not fog and I was able to get a 5 point mule deer. I love Zip Wax, it will never leave my gun bag.”

“My ski goggles have completely stopped fogging since I started using Zip Wax. Getting completely down the hill without having to stop to clear the fog is a great feeling. Thank you Zip Wax.”

“As a professional Ski Instructor, I am constantly dealing with fogged up lenses. Since using Zip Wax, my goggles stay clear when I am teaching lessons. I recommend every give Zip Wax a try. I guarantee you will love it!” -Steven

“Hello. I just purchased your product today at the gun show in post falls. I love it and it works on all my glasses. I have five pairs and my husband has three. All of them I used your product on are like brand new. Is there anywhere I can leave you a review online? Do you have any distributions in Sandpoint? Also, if I sell a bunch to my friends, family etc do you offer a discount on certain quantities? Thank you for your time and great glass product!” – Shayla

“I am known for sweating profusely and when I play Paint Ball my shield fogs up I struggle seeing what I am doing. Fog sucks. I am happy to say that Zip Wax has eliminated fog completely and the sweat that would build up on my shield just beads off now.”

“Zip Wax is the best product on the market. Period.” -Steve

“Zip Wax makes skiing more enjoyable. Being able to see without fog down the entire ride is a mind blowing experience.” -Jason

“I have worn glasses my entire life and they are super annoying, but Zip Wax Anti Fog really helps keep them clean and clear.”

“My cosmetics are greasy potions and lotions that continually smudge my glasses. I applied zipwax and went all day without one smudge, it’s a mysteryI I’m sold” – Carol

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