Zip Wax Spray 1 Oz. Bottle


The Legend of Zip Wax  –  Zip Wax Anti-Fog Cleaner recipe dates back to World War II.  Legend has it Zip Wax was an important part to soldiers winning battles and having an advantage at battle.

Zip Wax Anti-Fog Cleaner (Wax)   –  Zip Wax is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner.  It does not get rid of scratches but it fills them in.  When you have your glasses on you will not be able to see any fine scratches.   Zip Wax is also a great Anti-Fog.  Anytime you go from Hot to Cold or Cold to Hot you can Fog Up.   Zip Wax will prevent this from happening.
What customers enjoy most is the clarity Zip Wax provides.  With every application you create high definition clarity for all glass and plastic items.  Your glasses and other eye-wear will appear brand new every time you clean them.
Zip Wax Anti-Fog Cleaner (Spray)  Zip Wax Spray is identical to the Wax but in a Spray form.  Zip Wax Spray is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner and also offers great Anti-Fog protection.  We recommend Zip Wax Spray for larger surfaces that can fog up like bathroom mirrors or car windows.  Zip Wax will prevent these and other glass and plastic surfaces from fogging.
What customers enjoy most is Zip Wax Spray is the ease of application to large surfaces that fog up which can often times become dangerous as well.


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