FAQ - Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner - The Best Since WW II!

Zip Wax is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner!

Zip Wax does not get rid of scratches but it fills them in, so when you have your glasses on you are not going to see the fine scratches.

Zip Wax FAQ

Applying Zip Wax is simple.  Gently touch Zip Wax with your finger.  Rub on all sides of the surface you wish to clean and anti-fog.  Rub in a buffing type motion the surface with a microfiber cloth until Zip Wax is wiped off.  

Zip Wax and Zip Wax Spray are both amazing anti-fog cleaners and are identical in relation to how they clean or anti-fog a surface.  We recommend Zip Wax Spray for larger surfaces because it is much easier to to apply in spray form on car windows, TV screens, Laptops, or bathroom mirrors.  Zip Wax Spray does not fill in scratches like Zip Wax therefore Zip Wax is recommended for smaller surfaces like glasses, sunglasses, goggles, cell phones, CD’s, DVD’s, binoculars, scopes, etc.

All three colors are exactly the same product.  The recipe dates back to World War II and in honor of our country and our troops we make the product in all three Patriotic Colors.  

Zip Wax and Zip Wax Spray are safe on all glass and plastic surfaces including prescription and sun glasses, goggles, polycarbonates, lexan, motorcycle helmets, windshields and mirrors.  You can also use Zip Wax on high end optics like cameras, telescopes binoculars, scopes, etc.  Zip Wax is made with purified water and pure ingredients.   It does not contain alcohol or other ingredients that could damage your lens surface even if they are coated.  Use Zip Wax on any surface you want clean and anti-fogged.   

The length of time that Zip Wax lasts per application depends on your lifestyle.  Zip Wax is a compound clean meaning the more you use it the better it gets.   We recommend you use Zip Wax on your glasses every day for the first 5-10 days and then as needed.  After 5-10 applications you will be able to go several days between cleanings if desired.  We assure you every time you do clean your glasses they will appear brand new again.

A 1/2+ oz jar of Zip Wax should last well over a year even if used daily.  There are over 400 applications in a 1/2+ oz jar of Zip Wax and almost 1,000 applications in a 1+ oz jar of Zip Wax which should last several years even if used daily. 

Zip Wax can freeze in extreme cold temperatures and can melt in extreme hot conditions.   If Zip Wax does freeze or melt do not worry, because Zip Wax is a water based product when the wax is brought back to a less extreme temperature it will return to its original form.  Extreme cold or hot conditions does not effect the effectiveness or quality of the product.

Simply rub Zip Wax on the surface let dry for 3-5 seconds and wipe it clean.

The Zip Wax retail list is growing and can be found in several ski and dive shops and YES we ship to any country in the world.  We offer FREE SHIPPING for all domestic purchases.

Zip Wax is hand made with the purist water and ingredients available.  The filtration process is unmatched by any other products.  All Zip Wax jars are filled to the highest level possible without spilling providing more product uses.  Another major difference is the smell of Zip Wax.  Zip Wax has a very clean odor and does not smell poorly like the other Crap in the market place.