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Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is an amazing anti fog glasses cleaner and plastic cleaner! Our #1 voted anti fog can be used on any helmets, face shields, glasses, prescription lenses, goggles, and more.

Thank you for shopping with ZipWax Antifog Cleaner. If you are a returning customer, welcome back, we are so happy to be serving you again, and feel free to use our log in feature to log into your account and make your shopping experience simple and quick! We are happy to provide the best anti fog spray and glass wax available, and support you with clean, clear vision while you are doing what you love. We know that once you try our anti fog spray and glass wax, you will never go back to dealing with fog and oil buildup again. Did you know Zipwax Antifog Cleaner also acts as an amazing cleaner for windows, iPad/Android tablets, mirrors, and iPhones? Not only does it clean and anti fog these surfaces, but it helps fill in fine scratches and prevent oil buildup and smudging. Thank you for choosing our anti fog glasses cleaner and glass wax, and happy shopping!

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Thank you for supporting Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner. We are proud to provide a high quality, cruelty free, ethically sourced product that is made in America. Not only is our product based in the USA and ethically sourced, it is also made only with all natural ingredients. Our natural ingredients, passion, and ethics are exactly why Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner is the best product around. If you have any other questions about this amazing product, visit our FAQ page to read more.

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