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Looking to join the Zipwax Anti Fog Cleaner team as a wholesale distributor? Looking for an opportunity to work with an amazing anti fog glass wax and anti fog spray? We would love to have you on the team. Our product has been featured on Howie Mandel, and voted a “Best Product Under $20” on Reddit. We love to have dedicated individuals who believe in our glass wax and anti fog spray join our wholesale distributor team.┬áZip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner offers a dedicated team to inspire and help you succeed. As a result, you will get to work with a great team in an industry you are passionate about.

Any questions about our product? Feel free to visit our FAQ page to learn some great information about our products. Check out our “Legend Of Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner” page to read about the inspiring origins of our amazing product that originated during World War 2 where it was used by soldiers fighting on the front lines as an anti fog for glasses. Joining the Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner team is easy-simply fill out the contact form on this page, and our wholesale team will be with your shortly! Thank you for your support for the best eyeglass cleaner and glass wax/anti fog spray available, and we are thoroughly excited to have you be apart of the Zip Wax Anti Fog Cleaner team.