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Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is an amazing glass and plastic cleaner.  Chosen a Best Product Under $20 on Reddit (r/askreddit (under $20), Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is ideal for glasses, sunglasses, safety/ski/swim goggles, face shields, diving masks, motorcycle helmets, visors, etc.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is also great hygiene and keeps finger prints, oil, dust and make up off of your cell phones, tablets, glasses, etc.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner does not remove scratches but it does fill them in so when you have your optics on you will not see the fine scratches.


Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner is available in two forms, either as a paste/wax or as an anti fog spray. Being featured on Howie Mandel’s Sold Out as well as being featured on Reddit as a “Best Product For Less Than $20”, Zipwax Antifog Cleaner is the best antifog spray and antifog glass wax on the market.

The Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner glass wax and anti fog spray provides an incredibly clear clean, is a great anti fog for glasses, and fills in fine scratches.  It is best used as a glass wax on all glass and plastic surfaces ideal for face shields, goggles, glasses, sunglasses, scopes, binoculars, motorcycle helmets, diving masks, etc.  The Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner spray works on those same surfaces but is easier to apply on larger surfaces and is recommended as an anti fog glass cleaner for mirrors, shower doors, windows, computer screens, TV’s, iPads and Android Tablets, and more.

The process of applying Zipwax Antifog Cleaner is simple-just apply a small amount of the anti fog spray or glass wax to the preferred surface, wipe with a microfiber towel, and enjoy being anti fog, scratch free, and clear all day. With one jar or bottle of Zipwax Antifog Cleaner lasting months to a full year, there is no question why this is a chosen product by hunters, swimmers, divers, snowboarders, glasses wearers, welders, first responders, and more. The Zipwax Antifog Cleaner product is so versatile, so easy to use, and so effective, making it an absolute necessity to have on hand. We are excited to offer you the best glass wax and best anti fog cleaner on the market, and we are sure you will be just as excited when you experience the amazing benefits.


The Legend of Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner and anti fog spray dates back to World War II where the recipe for the renowned glass wax was shared from platoon to platoon and provided our brave American soldiers crystal clear vision while also repelling fog, moisture, oil and dust from their optics.  The Legend of Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner continues today through our brave first responders that are wearing face shields, masks, and other optics in an effort to fight the War Against the Covid 19 Virus. We are proud of the assistance we are able to provide to those on the frontlines for Covid-19, and work hard to provide the best antifog cleaner to keep those protecting us clear and clean. Available in both a spray and a glass wax, we are sure you will love both ZipWax Antifog Cleaner products equally.

Made in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Zipwax Antifog Cleaner is widely used in a variety of industries including optometrists, firefighters, nurses, doctors, welders, construction workers, chemists, athletes, and more.  Zip Wax Antifog Cleaner has quickly become a household name and was chosen a “Best Product Under $20” (askreddit/under $20) on Reddit.com.

The Zipwax Antifog Cleaner family is proud to carry on this legacy originated by our brave American soldiers, and works hard to keep their hardworking and determined spirit alive in all of our glass wax and anti fog cleaner products. We do this by proving the best anti fog cleaner, customer service, and partnership to support American businesses.